Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy (the “Policy”) outlines and explains how BlogsToppers uses and protects the User information that we gather. This Privacy Policy extends to all usage of BlogsToppers’s blogs or articles as well as access to our websites. This policy is applicable to users. The user who maintains the account with BlogsToppers is responsible for ensuring that all other Users understand and adhere to this Policy within the same account. 

The information you send to non-Blogs Topper’s companies is not protected by this Policy and BlogsToppers is not responsible for the security of any such information revealed to a non-BlogsToppers company by the Customer / User.

The words set out below have the following meanings as used in this Policy:


Everyone who visits our websites is a “User.”

Personal Information-

Personal Information “is information that can be used to identify a particular User, either specifically or legitimately. Examples include the name , address , telephone number , e-mail address , social security number and account number of the financial institution.

Aggregate Information-

Aggregate Information “means information about user groups or categories that is not recognizable and can not fairly be used to classify a particular customer or consumer. Aggregate Information is an anonymous kind of information.


“Website” means any website or location on the Internet, irrespective of which computer (cell phone, laptop, etc.) or protocol (HTTP, WAP, FTP, etc.) is used to access the website or location. We use the word website in this Policy or other related words such as “Internet domain,” “domain,” and “web page.”

Communication info

If you have any concerns about our privacy policies or any of the rights outlined in this BlogsToppers Privacy Policy at any time please contact