Causes for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

 Causes for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

Causes for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is still a question for most of the doctors. As no doctor knows what exactly triggers PCOD/PCOS.


What do the ovaries do?

This problem occurs in the internal reproductive part of females that is ‘ovaries’. Healthy ovaries are indispensable in a girl’s life because ovaries have to play major roles such as;

  • Producing hormones: Ovaries produce two main female hormones that is estrogen and progesterone. These hormones are responsible for initiating menarche, pregnancy, menopause and everything happens between menarche and menopause. Collectively these hormones manage entire reproduction cycle of a woman.
  • Making and releasing eggs: Ovaries make female sex cells called ovum. At the time of puberty and menopause, woman’s egg counts to 400,000 and 300-400 approximately. Each month eggs are released by both the ovaries. Either the eggs mate with sperm or released out of the body during menstrual cycle.
  • Make woman look like woman: Ovaries releases estrogen which makes women look the way they do. These hormones is responsible for creating women’s physical appearance. Broad pelvis, breasts, wide hips. Baby bumps during pregnancy, this all happens because of estrogen.
  • Enhance sexual pleasure: Estrogen keeps sex life in full swings and also helps in lubricating vagina. Ovaries keep sex life in optimal state until or unless menopause occurs.

Hence, ovaries plays a major role in a girl’s life. Girls having PCOD tends to have low female hormones and high male hormone which completely disturbs their whole reproductive life. But the causes which spark PCOD is not completely known. This makes PCOD a deadly and alarmed problem in females.


What triggers Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome?


The specific cause of PCOD is still not known. There are many reasons depending on one’s lifestyle, ancestral history, work life and many more.

Here are some reasons which causes PCOS, based on a study done over different PCOS patients.


Early age of menarche;

  • ‘Menarche’ is a Greek word which means ‘month+beginning’.
  • It refers to the first occurrence of menstrual cycle.
  • Menarche is considered as the core event of female puberty. This signals towards the possibility of fertility.
  • The age of menarche is completely influenced by female biology, genetics, environmental and most importantly nutritional factors. Normal and best age for menarche is between 9-16 years of age.
  • At the onset of puberty there is increase in insulin levels as it is a part of human development. Some girls are obese in their early age and when their menarche starts, automatically insulin level goes high. These 3 factors are correlated to each other. Early puberty, high insulin level and chubbiness which ultimately leads to PCOD.



  • There are many causes for polycystic ovarian syndrome. Out of these, one of the most important factor of PCOD is heredity. Yes, no doubt, there is no single gene responsible for PCOD. Hence, it is likely complex and involves multiple genes.
  • Half of the women having PCOD have immediate female relative having PCOS. It includes mother, aunt or sister.
  • Hence, female having family history of PCOS are always at greater risk of having PCOD


Unhealthy lifestyle;

  • Nowadays, most of the teenagers crave for late night parties, junk food, Netflix, clubbing, video games etc. This all makes their sleeping and eating schedule completely disturbed and unhealthy. Youths also come in the same lane either of their career or job pressure they also ignore healthy lifestyle.
  • Having noxious lifestyle results in body complexities. One of these is PCOD.
  • Unhealthy lifestyle leads to metabolic imbalances such as high insulin levels. This is very common in urban people and all these factors inflames problems like PCOD.
  • Improving the way of living can reduce the risk of PCOD. Having sedentary lifestyle is like adding fuel to fire.
  • Nutritious food, daily yoga, good sleep of 6-8 hours, staying happy, avoiding negativity, all these help in better living style. By adding all these good factors in your daily life schedule reduces the risk of PCOD to 0%.




There are many causes for polycystic ovarian syndrome but some of them are most common reasons based on a study. Early age of menarche is becoming very common in today’s life because of unhealthy eating habits in children. Since childhood children start eating junks which adversely affect their health. Make them obese and leads to early onset of puberty. Early puberty and unhealthy eating makes their hormones unstable and becomes victim of PCOS at such an early age. Heredity is also a factor leading to PCOD. The only way to not become victim of PCOD is healthy lifestyle. Nowadays, because of video games children have completely neglected outdoor games which is also a root cause of PCOS. Hence, since starting parents should encourage children for outdoor games and nutritious food. There is no medicine which can cure PCOD, healthy living is the only way to get rid of it.

Shruti Aggarwal

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