PCOS Causes

 PCOS Causes

 Know some other PCOS Causes:


PCOS Causes don’t seem to be completely expressed by doctors. However, there are several factors resulting to high PCOD cases these days. Some of them includes, ‘production of male hormones’, ‘pollution’, ‘low-grade inflammation’ & ‘stress’.


Production of male hormone is one of the major PCOS Causes:

  • Polycystic ovarian syndrome is basically the increase in the production of male hormone i.e. androgen. High level of androgen plays a vital role in PCOS because it disturbs the genital system.
  • Ovaries are responsible for making female sex hormones i.e. estrogen & progesterone and a small amount of androgen. Female sex hormones help to regulate the conventional egg development within the ovaries during ovulation.
  • During PCOD, ovaries start to produce more androgen as compared to female hormones.
  • Increased levels of androgen results in disturbed ovulation. Proper ovulation is very important for regular menstrual cycle & fertility. Androgen imbalance whole reproductive system when released in high levels.
  • Insulin resistance, heredity factors, low grade inflammation directly links to high androgen levels.
  • Hence, this is one of the major reasons for polycystic ovarian syndrome.


How Low-grade Inflammation is a PCOS cause:

Inflammation is an indispensable part of the immune system’s response to any infection or injury.

  • It essentially means white blood cells defend body’s system from viruses & bacterium. They send signals to the system for healing & repairing damages.
  • This process of healing involves the discharge of proteins, antibodies, additional blood flow to the wounded area.
  • This entire process lasts for hours or within few days just in case of acute inflammation.
  • Without inflammation, wounds would suppurate & infections can become fatal. However, sometimes, body’s inflammation response gets provoked inadequately and causes immune system to react their own tissues and cells.
  • On the other side, in chronic inflammation, this method dawdles and leaves body in a constant state of alert.
  • Over a long period of time, chronic inflammation has negative side-effects in body. It is also called persistent & low-grade inflammation.
  • Low levels of inflammation may be triggered by a perceived internal threat, even when there is not a disease to fight or an injury to heal. And generally, this signals the system to retort. As a result, white blood cells swarm. However, have nothing to do and nowhere to travel. Eventually starts attacking internal organs or other healthy tissues and cells.
  • Low-grade inflammation doesn’t have symptom, but it can be tested by CRP [C-reactive protein], that indicates inflammation in blood.
  • ‘Chronic inflammation leads to high production of the male hormone i.e. androgen. No valid reason has nevertheless found for this however, studies show high CRP in PCOS patients. And low-grade inflammation leads to high level of androgen production.
  • Thus, ultimately chronic inflammation ends up in PCOD. We can say that PCOD and inflammation both affect each other.
  • Chronic inflammation leads to PCOD & vice-versa.


How ‘Stress’ and ‘Environmental factors’ are PCOS cause:


How ‘STRESS’ is a PCOS cause, know here;

  • Excepting daily life stress of life, nowadays, we tend to place additional stress on our body in the hubbub of life. Stress can easily disrupt the secretion balance leading to PCOS as well.
  • There is a scientific reason for direct connection between PCOS and stress. The Pituitary gland is the core for stress circuit which is controlled by hypothalamus [a brain region]. Pituitary releases corticotrophin [ACTH] in response of stress. And ACTH stimulates the release of androgen hormone, which is responsible for PCOS in women.
  • Hence, this forms a cycle:
Higher stress→ Higher release of ACTH→ Higher release of androgen→ Ultimately  causes PCOS.




  • Now, I hope it is clear that stress plays an important role in causing PCOS but in today’s life females are bombarded with a lot of stress. Work stress, career stress, family stress and many more reasons.
  • Hence, we can say that stress management can play a vital role in curing PCOS.


Environmental Factors;

  • Main environmental factors include environmental toxins, diet, nutrition, socio-economic status & geography. Pollution toxins are directly linked to cardiovascular & pulmonary problems but study shows that it can be deadly for reproduction system.

It’s nothing new to understand that air toxicity is bad for us however the extent pollution can destroy our system is horrifying.

  • The researchers used health and location information gathered in the Nurses’ Health Study to examine air pollution exposure. To metrics the Environmental Protection Agency [EPA] quality monitoring system to understand a participants’ exposure throughout a particular time window. They found exposure to air pollution during high school & was related with menstrual cycle irregularity.
  • Continuous pollution exposure can lead to ‘infertility’, ‘metabolic disruption’ and ‘polycystic ovarian syndrome’.
  • So, we can clearly say that environmental factors additionally have affect reproductive health severely.



Doctors are unable to  define exact  PCOS causes. But, nowadays some common factors are seen in PCOD patients leading to it. There are approximately 9 causes of PCOS as follows;

Early age of Menarche,


Unhealthy Lifestyle,

Insulin Resistance,


Production of Male Hormone,


Low-grade Inflammation,

Stress and Environmental Factors.

PCOD is turning into a really common drawback in females these days due to previous stated reasons.

If I narrate my story, I have also been PCOD patient since I was 10. But I found out my root cause of PCOD and started working on them. This is very important to know ‘what is your root cause of PCOD’. Otherwise, it is very difficult to cure it . Yes, no doubt, there are no proper medicines which can cure  PCOS. However if I tell my experience, its cure is in our body itself. It’s solely in our hand to cure PCOS by finding root cause and taking proper actions on them.

Shruti Aggarwal

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