Most Haunted Places in Ohio Road Trip: Scariest Place Ever

 Most Haunted Places in Ohio Road Trip: Scariest Place Ever

Do you know the most haunted places in Ohio road trip? Have you ever tried to know more about Ohio road trip? No, then check out here some of the scary places of this trip.

If you haven’t realized it, Ohio is weird in contrast with other states. It is indeed full of spooky, deserted places that reinvent nature, haunted hotels and creepy houses that were rebuilt in hopes of driving away the wild spirits. If you’re loving some freaky delights then you’re going to want to pay a visit to the below haunted attractions along this haunted Ohio road trip. But be careful! as they’re some of Ohio’s most scary locations.

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Most Haunted Places in Ohio Road Trip:

Place 1: The Ridges:

Athens Lunatic Asylum is now run by (and a neighbour to) Ohio University, but sections of the hospital still contain the shadows, stains and ghosts of imprisoned psychotic patients who frequently suffered from brutal procedures like lobotomies. The old asylum’s grounds are now Ohio haunted houses to several rare — and particularly creepy — grave sites. Retired insane asylum patients were laid to rest on the grounds of the treatment center, and their agitated spirits are free to suffer into property. Most of the tombs are nameless, and simply show the number of the retired mental patients buried elsewhere here.

Place 2: Campus of Ohio University and Athens

We suggest starting your haunted places in Ohio road trip at the University of Ohio in Athens, if possible. It is undoubtedly among the most haunted university campuses in America (likely since it is situated in one of the most haunted cities in Ohio.) a few residence hall rooms and other campus buildings seem to be haunted. Wilson Hall, Washington Hall and Jefferson Hall are among the most haunted on-campus buildings.

Place 3: The Ohio State Mansfield (Reformatory)

Start your haunted ohio road trip on day two with the most famous haunted destinations in the state. This ancient prison, previously recognised as the Mansfield Reformatory, is residence to the most brutal spirits in the State. Deities of riots and looting prisoners who often died fighting each other to demise in overcrowded isolation cells terrify this former prison’s halls and cells.

Place 4: Lockkeepers (Cleveland)

Will you like to have some lunch? Situated on Rockside Road in Cleveland, the spirit of Sophie Sarnacki, who has been the manager of a previous tavern across the road from Lockkeepers, has been said to visit this stunning luxury eatery. She was killed in the 1950s in Zimmerman ‘s Tavern and is still regularly stopped today by Lockkeepers.

Maybe she can’t stop the time to witness people enjoy the fantastic food … Long when her own restaurant was shut and her death became overlooked.

Place 5: Spitzer House Bed and Breakfast (Medina)

Rest up for the night at a cosy (so far haunted) hotel after such a long day investigating gaol hauntings. A former maid girl from this 19th century Victorian home at 504 West Liberty Street in Medina is rumoured to visit the halls of this stunning bed and breakfast. Visitors and workers have also recorded noticing her playing the piano.

Place 6: Marietta

Stop your creepy journey through a haunted Ohio road trip with an obligatory overnight stay in the oldest city in the state — which is expected to host a haunting or two. There are abandoned restaurants, hotels and even some streets. For decades guests recorded mysterious anomalies at Hotel Lafayette (pictured). Missing products, flipped upside down luggage and empty shampoo bottles are just a few of the recorded incidents.


We provided here 6 most haunted places in Ohio road trip that you would ever wonder. Hope, this guide gives a glimpse of the Ohio road trip before going there.



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