Free Keywords Research Tools: Top 10 Tools

 Free Keywords Research Tools: Top 10 Tools

Desperately trying to find free keywords research tools? But not everyone has the budget for tools that will help? So, we are here to help you out in finding the best keyword research tools.

Top 10 Free Google Keyword Search Tools

Tool 1: Google Trends

Google Trends visualizes a keyword’s incredible success in search over time.
When we glance at the term “costumes” over the previous 5 years, for example, we see that interest is spiking every October.

Tool 2: WordStream

The keyword tool for WordStream encourages you to aim for such niches (groups of similar keywords), gives you extra tips, and also enables you to organize them based on a popular theme for quick releases of ad campaigns.

Tool 3: Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is a free Keywords research Tools that selects every keyword you offer it and provides you a somewhat infinite collection of your current keyword alphabetized and numerical keyword variants.
By inserting “bounce house ab, ac, ad” you can also bring it even further find other keywords that you might possibly compete on it and use it for SEO purposes.

Tool 4: Keyword Generator

Keyword Generator discovers up to 150 relevant keywords for each keyword base.

For eg, if we’re searching for “bitcoin,” we have one 100 relevant keywords that include that term alongside their approximate volumes of monthly searches. We’ll also display the Keyword Difficulty (KD) score for the very first 10 keywords on each set. It is a number between 0–100 which measures complexity in rankings. In general , the higher complexity, the more backlinks you’ll need to rate.

Notice that the search quantities and KD scores are proportional to the country selected, which by default is the United States.

If you really are searching to rank somewhere, simply select from the dropdown from one of the more than 170 nations.

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Tool 5: Answer The Public

Questions, prepositions, contrasts, alphabetical and similar queries are found by Answer the public.

Disturbed? Let’s get at this one-by-one of these.

If you find any keyword, it will show all the related queries regarding the searched keyword. Lots of suggestions are there, where you can pick any of the queries as per your choice.

Tool 6: Google Keyword Planner

The Google Keyword Planner is also a free Keywords research tools which are seen as the keyword analysis tool’s alpha and omega. To access it, you should have an AdWords account, and this does not imply you must charge something to use it, it is always free.

The Google Keyword Planner will display you many super awesome statistics such as monthly average searches, level of competition (high, medium, or low), the average cost per click, etc.

It really doesn’t offer you any specific recommendations for keywords but it actually goes one step further and offers many synonyms and combinations than many other existing resources.

Is it correct? Anything. I often advise individuals to take a grain of salt from the suggested keyword stats.

Tool 7: Keyword Surfer

Keyword Surfer is indeed a free browser extension that displays approximate international and monthly search volumes for any Google-typed query.

Alert! Keyword Surfer which a free keywords research tools functions almost the same way as another common keyword Anywhere extension does. This platform used to be free but moved to a paying model subsequently. The creators of Keyword Surfer have pledged to keep this tool “100 percent secure, forever.”

Keyword Surfer right now reveals measurements of the local search volume for 19 nations. That includes the US, the UK, Canada, and Brazil.

Tool 8: Competitor Source Code

This may not be the quickest and most efficient keyword analysis tool but it enables you to see what meta keywords your rivals may use to seek to rank naturally.

Because I’m using Google Chrome as my browser, right-clicking on a site and selecting “View Page Source” is super easy.

Tool 9: Keyworddit

Keyworddit is a wonderful concept which extracts Reddit ideas for keywords. Join a forum, and discover up to 500 keywords that can search the titles and comments of posts. It also shows you what type of language they are using to explain things like that.

The tool draws average monthly volumes of U.S. searches for and a keyword for information. This tends to give a clear idea about each subtopic’s popularity.

Tool 10: Google Search Console

Google Search Console assists in monitoring the success of your website in organic search. It means it displays a large amount of data about the keywords you are already ranked with.

When you check the “Search results” chart. It displays the keywords in the last three months that have brought the most traffic to the Ahrefs blog.


I have explained the top 10 free Keywords Research Tools here. Hopefully, I think this blog gives you some ideas regarding the best free tools.






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