Ab Workouts for Strong Core: A Beginner Guide

 Ab Workouts for Strong Core: A Beginner Guide

Are you a fitness freak guy? Want to know some Ab workouts for Strong core? Then, here is the best beginners guide for you. Just follow one-by-one step till the end.

Exercise makes a man fit always, if you do it regularly. Also, it doesn’t harm you, even if you become fit and strong day by day. So, here we come with some core workout routine to make your perfect abs. Let’s get started…

Core Strengthening Exercises for Beginners:

Workout 1: Plank

Plank is the best exercise to do Ab Workouts for Strong Core. The plank includes minimal motion but full effort, which allows you to stabilize your body on your forearms and toes while keeping your body from your shoulders to your ankles in a straight line. By leaning on your knees, you can make things easier, or harder by raising your arms so you’re balanced by your hands.

Workout 2: Boat

Sit down on the ground, knees bent. Step back slightly, back straight and raise your arms out in front of you while you lift your feet and your legs together off the ground. When you can, stretch the legs so that they are straight and the body forms a V-shaped form. Also, you can lift your arms and stretch your legs to make the grip more difficult.

Workout 3: Dead Bug

Lie straight up to the ceiling on your back with your arms spread, and your legs lifted at 90 ° with your knees bent. At the very same time lessen your right arm and left leg until they hang a little above the floor, then back to the starting position. Then do the same for the opposite extremities.

You can of course perform each of the exercises as part of a daily routine. But, for a beginner core workout, you have to perform five rounds of these three exercises in total.

Beginner Core Workout Time:

  • Plank: 30sec Rest 0sec
  • Boat: 30sec Rest 1min
  • Dead bug: Reps 10 Rest 0sec

If you are intermediate, then do the below workouts for making your core ab strong.

Intermediate Core Exercises:

Workout 1: Hanging up knee

Keep yourself balanced on a series of dip bars with the arms completely stretched. Bring your knees up to your shoulders, then slowly lower them. Only repeat. This exercise can also be performed hanging from a pull-up chain.

Workout 2: Gym Ball-Push Away

Let your feet stretch and your forearms placed on a gym ball in a position on the board. Using your forearms to drive the ball forward, then draw it back while keeping the plank pose.

Workout 3: Dragging the Dumbbell Plank

Need to get into the top-press spot. Place a dumbbell somewhere to the right of your torso on the ground. Using your left hand to reach under and around to grab the dumbbell and push it to your back. Then use your right hand to replicate the action.

When you combine three moves in one exercise, the recommended routine is here. Conduct three rounds of the three exercises combined.

Intermediate Core Workout Time:

  • Hanging knee raise Reps 8 Rest 0sec
  • Gym Ball push-away: Reps 8 Rest 0sec
  • Dragging the Dumbbell Plank: Reps 8 Rest 1min

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Advanced Core Exercises

Workout 1: L-Sitting

For that kind of the core, a cruncher uses a pair of parallels. Pick oneself up and keep your arms straight above the parallels. Stretch out your legs straight in front of you to create an L-shape. Keep it up-if you could.

Workout 2: Toes Straight to bar

Bend at the hips (not the waist) while hanging from a pull-up bar and raise your toes to the pole, holding your legs close as you rise.

Workout 3: Plank with Wall

Get into an angled board against a wall with your feet, so that you shape a smooth, horizontal line from heels to head.


Here, we have provided several ways to do Ab Workouts for Strong Core. Through this, you get to know Core strengthening exercises for men. Hope this guide will help you in maintaining your Core workout routine.



Shruti Aggarwal

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