How to Reduce Spam Score of my Website With Easy Steps?

 How to Reduce Spam Score of my Website With Easy Steps?

Summary: In this article, we will define certain tips to Reduce Spam Score. Does Google think your site is a spam site? What’s more, figuring that this is true, is it harming your SEO? Here are nine different ways that can assist you with lowering down your site spam score.

You all may know the idea behind spam – spontaneous mail or messages that are forwarded to individuals for business reasons, with extremely low genuine worth or use.

Additionally, spam sites are inferior quality sites that have been set up to bring in cash, while offering the base genuine worth. Furthermore, they’re not well known by Google search engine.

Since spam websites have low genuine worth, web crawlers would prefer not to index them. So, they attempt to track them down and give them a lower SEO rating.

Spamassassin Check:

So, how can you tell whether your site is considered a spam site?
This is what your spam score results let you know:

  • 1-30% is low.
  • 31-60% is medium.
  • 61-100% is high.

It’s essential to take note that a high spam score doesn’t imply that your site is nasty! It just lodges up that your webpage shares various things that are practically considered spam.

Also, if you have not had any issued penalties, it doesn’t mean you have to make intense changes. But, it is a smart thought to take a look at what the spam signals are, and make any improvements you think may help.
There are nine tricks you can do to prevent your site from being viewed as spam and possibly rank lower in SEO.

How to Reduce Spam Score Like a PRO?

1) Avoid bad domain list

As per Moz, there are specific high-level domain extensions (these are the .com or that many spam domains utilize. So, if would prefer not to raise a possible warning, it’s best to prevent these warning.

So what are these dodgy domain extensions? Here are the main 10 most offensive high level domain:

  1. .fit
  2. .cf
  3. .top
  4. .ml
  5. .rest
  6. .buzz
  7. .gq
  8. .tk
  9. .work
  10. .ga

2) Ensure including correct pages

A site with just a couple of pages is a spam score indication. Presently, this can be quite difficult for a specialist or a private company, yet it’s considering. Many spam sites are designed to serve a single purpose but have no actual value.
As per which, not having a reach us page is an indication of a faulty site. So, adding a contact page to your site is a smart move (you’ll discover later on how this aide in another way as well).
Other great pages to include an about us page, frequently updated, composed blog, or news page. Also read Work From Home Jobs 2020

3) Don’t use a long chain keyword for your domain

When you pick a domain name for your site, you can use up to 253 characters. Yet, for some probable reasons, it’s not considered a smart move to utilize them all.

4) Add contact number, mail id or LinkedIn address

If it’s applicable to your business, your telephone number, email address, potentially related to your LinkedIn organization or profile on your site.
Why? Spam sites rarely comprise these things. If you need to send a sign to Google that your site is protected and genuine, at that point add a few of these on it. Another valid justification to maintain a reach us page!

5) Update your site to use Https

If you haven’t just protected your site with https (as opposed to HTTP) it’s a smart move to do so. Not apparently will it help your SEO. However, most spam websites don’t waste time with https, it gives out a clear indication to Google that your site is protected.

6) Utilize links proportionally

As we clarify, linking is the major aspect of SEO, and it’s significant that you get them right. From a spam signals point of view, here are three things you should know about:

  • Amount of linking you add to your site
  • The count of domains you relate to
  • The nature of your connections

Summing It Up:

The above article will clear up the things why Google considers your site a spam site. To get indexed in Google pages, one must reduce spam score.

Shruti Aggarwal

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